Products and Solutions

TASK has always played a vital role in helping to keep our customers ahead of their competitors through advanced electronic packaging.

In certain applications, TASK has enabled our customers to penetrate new market segments all the while maintaining a technology lead within their core markets.

Here are a few technology enablers:

Endoscopic Camera Products-and-solution-1

1.5mm Diameter

Sensor Multiplexer (Pressure sensors) Products-and-solution-2

Needs to be small, lightweight and must work in a harsh environment (Cold temperature, high winds – 800 Mph, high humidity… even rain).

Chips bonded and encapsulated directly on a ceramic substrate using high resistance epoxy.

Electrochromic Lens control Products-and-solution-3

Company embedding tint filters in eyeglass lenses. These filters are controlled by an electronic circuit that needs to be embedded in the eyeglass arm. The company has requested help from a renown packaging company. After 3 years they were still left with non-conclusive solutions

Using finer pitch components, integrating resistors and capacitors to the ceramic substrate. Use of state of the art techniques for printing fine pitch conductive patterns. Use of high precision pick and place equipment… TASK found a working solution…

pH Sensor & RF Transmitter Implant Products-and-solution-4

Used in diagnosis of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERT).

Industrial Borescope Products-and-solution-5

Provide gate, buffer and temperature measurement electronic module with interconnect interface areas for imager and twelve coax cables.

Multiple substrates incorporated into a 3-dimensional assembly.